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Origin of gifts

People give presents to each other, it is an indispensable communication content in human social life. Chinese has always been advocating reciprocity. "The book of Rites Ceremony song" said: "reciprocity, not go to reciprocate, and not to go, I see."

Gifts, is a series of etiquette and other activities together with the production and development of the. We know that the rites originated from the ritual activities of ancient times. In the ritual, they use normative action, sincere attitude to show reverence and awe, will own the most valuable, most can manifest the respect for God items (i.e. sacrifice) dedicated to the gods.

Perhaps from then on, in the meaning of the ritual, began to have a material composition and performance. That the gift can be in the form of material. A gift of this concept, some people said it was originally derived from the ancient war due to mergers and the resulting "tribal tribute", which is the conqueror regularly to the conqueror to send food, slaves, as a sign of obedience and beg the conqueror conquered asylum.

In the middle of the war, there was a record of the war because of the gift sent in a timely manner or not. As for the spring and Autumn period, Chu did not send a car on time to the Zhou emperor thatch, triggered the War Coalition aggressively attacked Chu's central states. Some people believe that the goods first ceremony is a business nature of There is an exchange of calls. The "reciprocity", the original essence is to gift gift reward by the exchange of products.

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