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In modern life, gifts become an indispensable part of our life, business, marriage, friends birthday, holidays, people will think of gifts, and gifts are often makes us very tangled, around half of the market is still plagued by do not know what to send the gift? Not easy to pick out a gift to send out, but do not know the recipient satisfaction? The traditional way of gifts has become increasingly unable to meet the needs of modern gifts, in the context of a new gift choice model will emerge, it is the carrier of gift books, a state of ceremonies launched a state of ceremonies gift book is representative of this model.

According to the book price from tens of dollars to a million yuan for business, conference and festival celebration of birthday gifts and other categories, people buy the corresponding price of the gift books according to their amount of gifts, free delivery to the recipient's hands, the recipient can pass on a state of ceremonies gift book dozens of gifts to choose their own love. A website or by telephone, and a state of ceremonies to any exhibition hall this gift a state of ceremonies in one of three ways of gift exchange, and truly let the giver easily send gifts, gifts received satisfactory gifts!

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