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What to send good

To send a friend to send a birthday gift, can not be arbitrary, and can not deliberately, and sometimes really very nerve racking. After all, the people are more and more big, all kinds of friends are: heterosexual, homosexual; ordinary, intimate; life, work; and even friends of friends......

Not the same friends, of course, need to send not the same as a birthday gift. Xiao Bian here specially prepared three kinds of gift, hope to be able to help you.

Popular birthday present

In general, not particularly in the sense of a friend, without much thought, no need to struggle to choose a birthday present, can be used to get the items to send some of life, such as bats, photo frames, lighters, name card clip, mouse, speakers, red wine and so on.

These gifts do not have special meaning, if the other party is the opposite sex will not misunderstand, while not being shelved.

A special birthday present

If for you, is to have the special significance of friends, such as love is the object, but not the kind of male and female friends, or bestie, best friends, then we have to take my time, must not miss the "birthday" of such a rare opportunity.

Fresh flowers is very good, is in the flowers after picking Holland latest patented process by one hour, to retain the integrity of the color and shape of flowers, and a delicate floral division after the idea of dress, enclosed in exquisite glass vase, ensure the product more than 5 years of life. This gift is very unique and delicate, and can be a "good" and your "mind" for a long time to save.

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